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*Donation- based community class 

** Zoom option available - these classes can be attended in person or via Zoom. Please follow the links below to contact your teacher directly, for meeting registration and payment options.

  • All classes are $18 per class

  • CLASS PASS with participating teachers:

  • 10 for $150. Purchase here.

  • Concession rates - please ask your teacher 

  • Class bookings are not essential

Class descriptions:


GENTLE FLOW YOGA with Emma: a joyful yoga sequence aimed at increasing your strength, resilience and stability.  A class combining Hatha Vinyasa yoga with a core strength focus to assist in overcoming back pain.


YIN YOGA/YOGA NIDRA with Sonia: Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice which combines gentle movements and holding poses in a way that attunes our sensory awareness, enhancing the meridians (energy pathways) and the fascial network. This class finishes with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditative journey for deep relaxation and healing, where the body sleeps and the mind stays awake. Suitable for all levels. EMAIL SONIA FOR ZOOM 

MOVEMENT MEDICINE with Clare Young- A practise based on the principles of Synergy Yoga, as taught by Simon Borg-Olivier. Interlinking the practises of meditation, joint movements and spinal movements, this class will focus on enhancing circulation and fostering  connection with (and within) the body. Naturally, strength and flexibility will develop, but in a way that is intentionally gentle, relaxed and mindful. Functional and accessible for all bodies, no experience required. Do bring an openness to explore a different approach to ‘Yoga'!    EMAIL CLARE FOR ZOOM


PRANAYAMA / BREATHWORK YOGA with Dorthe : Benefits of Pranayama include: purifying the blood-system; nourishing the whole body by extra supply of oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide efficiently, causing vast improvement in health ( if practiced regularly ), clarity of mind , improved function of brain , inducing calm , tranquility and patience, stimulating and increasing the vital energy , ultimately bringing about potential control over the flow of lifeforce (pranayama) within the body. 


YOGA BASICS with Sonia :  Slow-paced, breath-centred Hatha yoga practice. The sequence of this class includes a warm-up for joint-mobilisation, pranayama (breathing exercises for increased vitality) and postures for strengthening and stabilising. It is a moving meditation for integration and aligning mind, body, breath, soul and spirit. Suitable for all levels. EMAIL SONIA FOR ZOOM


RISE & SHINE YOGA with Emma :  The class will build familiarity and confidence using a similar structure each week for a full body stretch to awaken for the day ahead. Feel free to just turn up in your stretchy pyjamas.


 PILATES with Clare Gillett :  a mixed level class aimed to challenge, energise and create vitality. EMAIL CLARE FOR ZOOM


SLOW FLOW YOGA with Alex : Wind down the day with a slow Hatha/Vinyasa style class. Linking breath to movement we will work through a well-balanced experience of effort and ease to let go of physical, mental and emotional tension in order to return to ease, self-connection and the present moment. Suitable for all levels and bodies.


SACRED FLOW WOMEN'S YOGA with Alex - An experience designed to nourish the physical, mental and emotional health of women. Drawing from a variety of modalities including traditional yoga, somatic movement therapy, Ayurveda and embodied meditation Alex supports women of all ages and stages of life into a deeper and more loving relationship with themselves. Through exploring various themes related to our unique bodies, hearts and minds these classes serve as a space of safety and support for self-inquiry and self-connection.

All women and womxn identified people are welcome, as well as all levels of practice.

ROLL & RELEASE with Clare Young - A nourishing hour of self-massage using myofascial release balls, a block and your breath! Roll & Release is a practise aimed at easing and eliminating pain, increasing mobility and calming the central nervous system for deep, lasting relaxation. (balls and blocks provided!)


RESTORATIVE YOGA with Clare Young - Slowing right down, this gentle yoga practise is all about fostering deep relaxation & creating space for self connection. Think soft mindful movement, long comfortable resting postures & meditation. A potent tonic for an overtaxed nervous system and busy mind. Suitable for all bodies, with modifications available for injuries. 


ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS YOGA with  Sumer : Brand new to yoga? Recovering from an injury? Want a slow paced class? This class is for you :)  EMAIL SUMER FOR ZOOM


COMMUNITY YOGA - each week a different teacher facilitates. Donations are accepted which are given to local charities, such as the Denmark Homeless Project and Animal Care Group. 


SOUND HEALING with Dorthe : Experience deep relaxation and healing with Gong Master, Dorthe-Joy. You will be taken on an hour long immersion into the vibrations of healing and chakra bowls, gongs and bells. Wear comfortable clothes. Fortnightly sessions. Contact Dorthe 0432476473 to check date.


PRANAYAMA BREATHWORK JOURNEY with Sarah : 1 hour reclined Breathwork / meditation. A journey to connect with your breath and enter a deep introspective space.