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All classes are $18 per class

CLASS PASS with participating teachers:

10 for $150

Concession rates - please ask your teacher

^ chair yoga is $10 or by donation

*Donation- based community class



BACK & CORE CARE YOGA with Emma: a joyful yoga sequence aimed at increasing your strength, resilience and stability.  A class combining Hatha Vinyasa yoga with a core strength focus to assist in overcoming back pain.


YIN YOGA/YOGA NIDRA with Sonia: Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice which holds poses in a more passive and relaxed way for a longer period, enhancing the meridians (energy pathways) and the fascial network. This class finishes with a 30 minute Yoga Nidra, a guided meditative journey for deep relaxation and healing, where the body sleeps and the mind stays awake. Suitable for all levels.


RELEASE with Kira : To be able to let let go of our holding patterns, our stories, accidents and injuries stored as pain, tension, tenderness and tightness in our bodies we first need to become aware of these holding patterns! In this class we’ll be tuning in to the subtle language of the body and become explorers on a journey of sensations. To then be able to release tension from the level of the brain.

We’ll be working with gentle somatic movement, breathwork and self massage techniques using myo-fascial release balls, focusing on activating the rest and digest response of our nervous system.


ACCESSIBLE CHAIR YOGA with Emma:  Get fit where you sit! If you can breath, you can do yoga! Build strength, mobility and cultivate awareness. Class is $10 or by donation.


MAT PILATES with Annette :  a mixed level class aimed to challenge, energise and create vitality.


YOGA BASICS with Sonia :  Slow-paced, breath-centred Hatha yoga practice. The sequence of this class includes a warm-up for joint-mobilisation, pranayama (breathing exercises for increased vitality) and postures for strengthening and stabilising. It is a moving meditation for integration and aligning mind, body, breath, soul and spirit. Suitable for all levels.


PRANAYAMA / BREATHWORK YOGA with Dorthe : Benefits of Pranayama include: purifying the blood-system; nourishing the whole body by extra supply of oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide efficiently, causing vast improvement in health ( if practiced regularly ), clarity of mind , improved function of brain , inducing calm , tranquility and patience, stimulating and increasing the vital energy , ultimately bringing about potential control over the flow of lifeforce (pranayama) within the body. 


QI-GONG - MEDITATION IN MOTION with Lyndal : The practice offers a path to Self Cultivation through movement, breath and intention in a relaxed unhurried manner to prevent dis-ease and improve, sustain & maximise overall well-being whilst promoting:

Internal StrengthGreater physical/subtle body/mind integration ; Balance & Postural alignment ; Increased vitality Deep calm,  healing.

QiGong opens the flow of energy in the meridian channels (used in Acupuncture) to enhance our ability to feel the Life Force underlying the physical body & world and to deepen our communication with it.

Thousands of studies show QiGong’s effectiveness in helping heal real life challenges ranging from High blood pressure & chronic illness to emotional frustrations, mental stress & spiritual crisis.

QiGong can be a unity practice to increase connection to the transpersonal – Heaven Earth Humanity & Source.


YOGA with Sonia- Explore key poses of Hatha yoga, a yin & yang practice, aligning body, mind and breath. Learn the balance of yin and yang in your yoga practice, sometimes we need a little more of the going with (y)in, softening into the posture, and sometimes we need dynamic, focused, strength-building movement. This class will be a full hour in the evening to build a complete practice. 


ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS YOGA with Sumer : Brand new to yoga? Recovering from an injury? Want a slow paced class? This class is for you :) 


KUNDALINI YOGA with Lorraine as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga elevates the spirit, increases energy and helps you to feel good. A unique combination of mudras, mantras, chanting, physical postures, meditation and relaxation with a gong enables the student to have a unique experience in every class. “Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class.” Yogi Bhajan


SOUND HEALING with DortheExperience deep relaxation and healing with Gong Master Dorthe -Joy for an hour long immersion into the vibrations of healing and chakra bowls, gongs and bells. Wear comfortable clothes. Fortnightly sessions. Contact Dorthe 0432476473 to check date.


COMMUNITY YOGA - the free Saturday community yoga class has been running in Denmark for 5 years, each week a different local teacher facilitates. Donations are accepted which are given to local charities, such as the Denmark Homeless Project and Animal Care Group. 


GENTLE FLOW YOGA with Dorthe : Hatha- vinyasa yoga practice. Integrating physical postures, breathing and meditation into a gentle, yet deep experience, to leave you feeling grounded, refreshed, balanced.


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