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‘You should try Pilates’ the words uttered by Clare’s mum which sent her on a journey of awareness and re-awakening after having her second child. Clare became a dedicated student of Pilates, so much so that her teacher recommended she train to teach. Her classes include a range of exercises taken from the Classical to the Contemporary to influences from other movement modalities with the aim to assist in creating body awareness and improve co-ordination, strength, stability and mobility.


Clare has been teaching since 2017. Working with people from all backgrounds, sharing the love of the practice and being able to provide occasional lightbulb moments. Hungry to continue learning Clare has furthered her studies with workshops ranging from Classical Pilates deep dives, Teacher Retreats to Fighting Monkey Practice and is a qualified Functional Range Mobility specialist (focussing on joint range of motion).


Regular Pilates practice has given Clare the body awareness, strength and co-ordination to make other movement modalities more easily accessible. Pilates helps you do the things you enjoy. It helps you live in your body better. It helps you do you better.


So take it from Clare when she says ‘You should try Pilates’.


For enquiries contact Clare on 0407 542 407 or email 

Clare Gillett

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