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Living in the Muck

Hello readers! Sumer here -

If I had to come up with a movie title for my life in the last month it would be "Living in the Muck." I am stressed, have too much to do with not enough time, I have been questioning my abilities and feeling guilty about not being a good mom, wife, co-worker... In return for all this, life has given me a spasming back and even more stress and conflict.  


So... here are a few tools I teach (and practice) that might help you "live in the muck."

1. Practice mindfulness and acceptance: take in ten deep breaths lying down or sitting at least twice a day. You can visualise with each breath in all the goodness that surrounds you and as you breath out release any physical tension and negative thoughts

2. Make time for your health and wellbeing!

*Be physically active (go for a walk, dance, yoga, zumba, bike ride, whatever your heart desires)

*Connect with others 

*Get good rest

*Eat yummy, healthy food

3. Understand the things you have control over and let the thing you don't have control over go. 

*Undue stress in our lives is usually because we are holding and gripping on to things we don't have control over. I would encourage you to explore this idea of letting go of the things you have no control over. Super easy to say, much harder to do - keep trying and soon you will find that there is a lot in life that really doesn't matter :)

Magnificent things grow from the muck and muddy waters - take the lotus flower for example. So roll in it, smear it all over your body... who knows what beauty you will grow.

sumer x

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