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Tanaya is an accredited C-AAYT Yoga therapist, E-RYT yoga teacher, writer, and civil celebrant. 

Founder of Mind Body Collective Australia, Tanaya’s work is centred around the mind-body connection and the psyche’s key role in illness, wellness, and the healing process.

With over 25 years of experience in mind-body research and practice - including extensive studies in India, Spain, the UK, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth - Tanaya’s philosophy is that the path of yoga can be transformational for everyone, regardless of physical capacity, age, or religion. A big part of her motivation as a Yoga therapist is the growing need for holistic health care - health care that addresses the root cause of symptoms, not merely symptoms alone - and the ever-expanding evidence of Yoga therapy’s efficacy and effectiveness as a complementary treatment for mental illness, trauma, addiction, and a myriad of other conditions, disorders, and diseases of the mind and body. 

Alongside a lengthy background in exercise physiology and mind-body conditioning, Tanaya trained as an actor and performer at Melbourne’s VCA and the Victorian University of Technology. It was amidst this intensive training in the 90’s that she first explored the body’s ability to express and indeed, repress its truth. Gaining insights into how the mediums of prose, movement and sound could combine with yoga as a powerful pathway to healing the mind and body, her work today seeks to bring yoga’s ancient science to light in the context of the modern world.


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Tanaya Ti'en

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