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Raven has been a Shamanic Healer and Channel for over 30 years. Having devoted herself to her own personal/spiritual development as a teenager to facilitate trauma recovery and with a background in Psychology, Education and Counselling, Raven provides a confidential, compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental environment. 

Raven channels her Guardians, your Guardians, Ascended Masters, Angelic and other benevolent beings. She and her Team are experts in supporting clients to gently and easily release trauma, disempowerment, fear or other negative emotions that limit self-perception and impede current life experience.  Everything is tailored specifically to suit whatever you require so you can clear whatever holds you back and unfold to develop increased self worth, peace and balance. 


Raven teaches people to connect to their own Guardians/Spirit & learn to receive the communication and amazing support they provide. Mentorship is available for those who work with others and want to add something unique to the service they give as well as for anyone who is wanting to commit to self transformation. Raven and her Guardians support you every step of the way. 

0422 328 677


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