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I felt inspired to complete my training in Pranayama Breathwork Therapy after experiencing this practice myself and witnessing first hand the benefits it had on my entire wellbeing. 

I am passionate about supporting people’s mental wellbeing and I have been a Registered Mental Health Nurse since 2013. I specialise in perinatal and infant mental health, child and adolescent mental health and family systems work. I approach my role as a Mental Health Practitioner in a holistic way and use various other therapeutic modalities alongside Breathwork as a way of reconnecting people to the safety and wisdom of their bodies.  

Breathwork is a powerful practice in which we actively participate in our own healing journey, feeling empowered in the process.

I hope that this practice will illuminate to you that the answers lie within and that you have the ability to tap into this at any time. 

For more information or enquiries please contact me at or phone 0410 778 233

Sarah Josh

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