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When Lila was 15, life circumstances lead her to meditation and the teachings of the Vajrayana, one of the wheels of buddhism. Since then her world has had meditation and the physical and energetic field of the body as it's guilding core. 

A bodyworker for 20 years, having trained in Acupressure, Thai Yoga Massage, Abdominal Massage and Kinesiology, she teaches workshops in Bodywork based on Thai Yoga Massage and guides Somatic meditation which cultivates awareness of body rather than the mind. 

When Lila had her three babies she felt disconnected from her practices of meditation, Xi Gung and Yoga and longed to find a way to include them in this intense mothering phase. Since then she has been passionate about integrating life and spiritual practice, using the day to day mess and beauty of living as a path to Self. This is the true meaning of Tantra.

Lila sees her life work (play) as leading people towards the call of their own body wisdom and natural alignment, something she believes is every body's birthright.

Lila Thanos

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