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In her early teenage years, Lyndal experienced intense curiosity for the inherent mystery and meaning of life which triggered absorption in, and a growing life passion for Yoga & Meditation. The journey began in 1968 in Orange NSW then continued until 1975 in Sydney with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). En route to Bermuda to live, Lyndal found herself heart pulled to abandon ship to stay in Perth which became her base for 12 years, embarking on teacher training with the WA Yoga School of Perth along with IYTA. Early days in Perth, Lyndal's fortuitous meeting with Swami Venkatesananda from the Sivananda lineage,  opened her to Swamiji's personal spiritual guidance & travel broadening her experience in yoga, meditation & wisdom teachings. During the seventies and eighties her continued quest for transformation took her to the UK, Europe, India, Sri Lanka and the Eastern States where she participated in many styles of Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism and Satsang (in the company of truth) with various awakened masters; living in Ashrams for brief retreats. In 1981 her passion drew her to initiation into the Yoga Kriyas with Swami Satyananda and further exploration of Japanese Oki-do Yoga, English Dru yoga, Alexander technique & Ayurveda. Deeper awareness was also fostered through ATM (Awareness through Movement) Iyengar, Desikachar, Yogic ChiKung and Qi Gong. Paralleling her Yogic life & career, Lyndal studied & practiced healing arts including Massage, Zen-Shiatsu, Bowen technique, Gestalt and Jungian Voice  Dialogue. Her energies also involved setting up and co-directing the first Alternative Healing & Yoga Centre in Perth in 1983. Since moving to Denmark in 1987 for a consolidating ‘country change’ Lyndal has taught Yoga and Qi Gong alongside her practice in bodywork/counselling/stress management.  She has also conducted many retreats & workshops privately & within the Health, Education, Corporate arenas. She developed & implemented a CDRom 'Yoga for the Workplace' and created a Qi Gong DVD filmed in beauty of Denmark's environment.


Lyndal’s style of yoga is her own, drawn from her impassioned 40 years of  teaching and personal practice. Her approach combines mindfulness and co-ordination of the breath, core, alignment, bandha in creative flow sequences, yin poses, mantra, mudra, meditation & energy medicine. She encourages her students to extend into daily life the transformative practices, tools and awareness gained on the mat toward the blessing of ease, peace, benevolence, energy and joy in their lives.

Contact Lyndal:


Mobile: 0427 582 730

Lyndal Gallaway

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