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Ayurvedic Green Soup

Did you try the soups at the Yoga day? Emma made this simple and delicious soup and shares the recipe with us ...

Ayurvedic Green Soup

1 tablespoon oil 1 onion, chopped 1 leek, chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 small knob of ginger, peeled and chopped finely 2 teaspoons turmeric, ground 3 teaspoons cumin, ground 3 teaspoons coriander powder 1 tablespoon mustard seeds 2 carrots, chopped 2 sticks celery chopped 1 bunch of kale, leaves chopped Any green veggies lying in the fridge - zucchini, broccoli etc. finely chopped Approximately 750ml–1L water 1/2 cup coconut cream 1 bunch parsley, fresh, leaves and stems chopped 1 bunch coriander, fresh, leaves and stems chopped (see note)

Cook the onion until caramelised on medium heat then add the garlic and ginger and stir through. Add spices and stir until fragrant then add carrot, celery and a dash of water. Put the lid on and let the veggies steam on low heat for 5 mins. Add all other veggies and water and bring to boil then simmer on low until cooked.

Add coconut cream and herbs. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Blitz with stick blender until smooth.

Serve or store. Add a big squeeze of lemon to serve and fresh coriander leaves. Will keep for a couple of days in fridge and many weeks in freezer.

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