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At 15, Jo's father sat her down to listen to a lecture by David Sukuzi, a renowned environmentalist.  Her father told her that the balance of the environment would be the single most important thing to focus on.  Through post graduate social work research, Jo studied climate change and the effects for vulnerable populations and the very real potential possibility of extinction of many life forms.  The research suggested that a vision for a balanced planet could be found through balancing the mind.  Her ongoing practice and study continues to suggest balancing the mind is most important because through a compassionate and focused mind, reality will change.


Jo gives thanks to the many vessels of wisdom she has been fortunate to receive teachings from. To her gorgeous kids Eloise and Olivia, the learning through parenting is truly amazing. To H.H. Dalai Lama who has been a beacon of hope and an inspiration for living. David Suzuki, James Lovelock, Satya Narayan Goenka, Mary McIntyre, Dr Mark Sachman, Kent Hoffman and Dr Rebecca Coleman.  To yoga teachers Les Leventhal, Eric Shaw and Mary-Kay.   To sangha buddies and collegial yoga teachers in Denmark, Albany and Fremantle who have shared so much.  To Pam Rumble, Ken Clifford, Tony Evers and other social work colleagues she give thanks. To Glen Svensson, B.A. Wallace and Graeme Hodges for ongoing yoga and meditation trainings and inspiration.

Yoga is a pathway to developing a sense of interconnectedness with the whole.  


Jo believes the practice of hatha yoga is for everyone.  Hatha is about creating balance and uniting opposites.  It’s about developing a life force and life purpose.  It’s about creating a peaceful mind for a peaceful world. Whether for the future of the planet, for the cultivation of a loving compassion heart, for a balanced mind or for health and vitality, Jo hopes you take time to come to a yoga. meditation, positive psychology or parenting class soon.

Jo Carter

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