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Movement has always been incredibly important to me, I discovered Pilates years ago and instantly got addicted to its unique characteristics I haven’t found in other exercise. Pilates is all about mind and body, focusing on the connection of your mind and your bodies abilities, practicing Pilates continuously has given me more strength, flexibility and has aligned my body into its natural rhythms. From my self-awareness and positive journey through practicing this beautiful movement I was deeply Inspired to bring my own attitude and take on Pilates and began my matwork teaching 2 years ago. The experience of learning within the course deepened my understanding of the practice and excited me undoubtedly to start teaching my own classes. 


From this I began my own Pilates business; SunCircle Pilates, a space for me to hold my own classes in ways where I can teach more than just the moments, but guide people into their own wellness beginnings, exchange knowledge and growth whilst creating an enchanting sense of community. From sharing what I love with all ages I’ve grown as an instructor and am continuing seeking ways to keep growing and learning in this space of purpose

Contact : 0459886645

Paris Lavelle

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