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My journey with yoga has taken me from studios in Perth, to ashrams in India, and many interesting places in between! Along that journey, I’ve been fortunate to have studied and practised with many masterful teachers, all of whom have shaped my understanding of Yoga. With a background in Hatha and Iyengar yoga, I now draw inspiration from physiotherapist and teacher Simon Borg-Olivier, co-founder of Yoga Synergy. This approach has greatly influenced my own practise, and naturally flowed into my teaching, leading to a gentler, more fluid practise, grounded in a deeper appreciation of anatomy and physiology. I believe that Yoga should be accessible to all and that our practise really can enhance our wellbeing; physically, physiologically, mentally and energetically. Ultimately, my intention is to share tools and practises that guide us towards becoming happier, healthier, more loving humans!

For inquiries contact Clare on 0487526578 or

Clare Young

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